Birmingham City University is currently asking all staff and students to work from home where possible. We would like to reassure you that the CityGate team are able to work remotely and the platform is still online.

CityGate Project Team

The CityGate project is made up of a diverse team of dedicated staff members and students, at varying stages of their degree courses.

  • Adel Aneiba
    Adel Aneiba

    Lead Project Co-ordinator

    Dr. Adel Aneiba is the lead academic on the project. He is head of the Centre for Networks and Cyber Security at the university.

  • Bruno Junior
    Bruno Junior

    Network Engineer

    Bruno is the main network engineer. His dissertation is based on the private LoRaWAN backend.

  • Dalia El-Banna
    Dalia El-Banna


    Dalia is our main researcher. She is a PhD student at the university, focussing on software-defined networks.

  • John Hayes
    John Hayes

    Technical Manager

    John is a PhD student at the university, focussing on blockchain.

  • Mohammad Nour Al-baarini
    Mohammad Nour Al-baarini

    Project Staff Member

    Mohammad is a visiting lecturer at the university.

  • Stephen Kinsey
    Stephen Kinsey

    Data Analyst

    Stephen is a final year student at the university. He is responsible for writing methods of processing and analysing data received by the platform.

  • Waldo Cervantes
    Waldo Cervantes


    Waldo is a senior lecturer in Distributed Systems at the university.